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Assembly of Dust
by Assembly of Dust
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Set 1: Samuel Aging Songs We Sing Bus Driver Lost and Amazed New Real Rhythm Rachel Revelry Westerly> Sunshine Superman Jam Set 2: Cabin John Love Junkie Weehawken Ferry Mama Burned Down Encore: Borrowed Feet (Reid Genauer-solo) Wiser Time Valhalla
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Topic: Assembly Of Dust, AOD, Reid Genauer.The Independant
Source: Midas Legend 3000 console > Creative Nomad JB3 wav@44.1 khz
Assembly of Dust
by Assembly of Dust
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01.Intro 02.Light Blue Lover 03.Edges 04.Mudspring Draw 05.Things That Fly 06.Sideways Train 07.All That I Am Now 08.2 Boys 09.Going Down 10.Far From Yourself 11.Long Dead 12.Cold Coffee 13.Stone Choir 14.Shame 15.Cabin John 16.Etta James 17.Fountain
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Topic: Reid Genauer,Tavern Walker Waltz,Assembly Of Dust
Source: Matrix: Schoeps CCM4's>SBD>Edirol R-44